Thursday, May 19

Vaccination of children: the new certificate is available

A new certificate of parental authorization is available to have your child vaccinated against Covid-19.

It concerns the age group of 5 to 11 years. It can be downloaded and printed here.

5-11 year olds are not obliged to be vaccinated against Covid-19, but they have the possibility if one of their parents agrees.

At the beginning of the vaccination campaign, the authorization of only one of the parents was sufficient. A decision of the Council of State, dated January 6, then made the agreement of both parents compulsory.

Then, these terms were again modified on January 26 by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, hence the new certificate. From now on, only the consent of one of the parents is required.

Currently, only 2.9% of children aged 5 to 9 have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. The campaign is progressing a little more among 10-11 year olds: 7.2% of them have received an injection, according to ministry figures.

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