Wednesday, May 18

Bernard Torres with another victory in the boxing ring

Professional boxer Bernard Angelo Torres (25) had to struggle, but is still undefeated after winning on points against Argentine Mauro Alex Hasan Perouene (24) in Madrid tonight.

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The match was stipulated for ten rounds, and the time expired when Torres from Gran was put to his biggest test in his professional career.

– Bernard delivered at his best level, and that against another left-handed boxer. He got an opponent who followed him all the way to the door, and it is a very useful experience, says Erik Nilsen who commented on the match on VG + Sport.

Torres boxed the penultimate fight at the competition in Madrid, and is part of the stable of veteran boxers and promoter Sergio Martinez, who himself went the main fight and won on points against British Macaulay McGowan.

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– How much advantage did Bernard have from home here?

– Of course it is an advantage to go home, but I think he deserves this deservedly. It is perfectly fine for an even match to tip in his favor, Nilsen believes.

Superior in seventh round

Torres was close to deciding the match in the seventh round, but the Peruvians got through and caused trouble for Torres in the last two rounds. Two of the judges had the Norwegian as the winner, while the third judge had the Argentine.

But the tricky points winner ensured that Torres now has 16 victories in as many matches. Now the big question is what will be the way forward.

– I can reveal so much that big things happen in April and May, but now Bernard must first deliver in this match, manager Roar Sørum said secretly to VG before Thursday’s match.

Watch recordings of the entire boxing competition which was broadcast live on VG + Sport:

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