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Holund about the teammate: – A defeat for Simen and a defeat for the team

SEISER ALM / OSLO (VG) Hans Christer Holund (32) is infinitely sorry for the positive corona test of his friend Simen Hegstad Krüger (28). He believes no one in the camp can feel safe.

AIR TRIP: Hans Christer Holund was out training in Seiser Alm on Thursday night. Had everything gone according to plan, he would have been on his way to China.

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Holund was stopped by VG and NRK on their way to the hotel in northern Italy, after a small training trip on Thursday night.

– It’s really sad. There is a lot of hard work and training behind getting to the Olympics. Of course it goes in the sink. It’s very sad for Simen. It is absolutely terrible, says Holund.

He sympathizes with his friend, but allows Krüger to reach five miles on Saturday 19 February.

– It depends on how sick he gets, says Holund, who has been teammate in Lyn with Krüger for a number of years.

INFECTED: Simen Hegstad Krüger is the fourth person in the cross-country camp to be diagnosed with the coronavirus.

It is a lead-heavy night for the Norwegian runners in the heights in Italy. They were actually supposed to be in the air on their way to Beijing and the Olympics when Holund spoke to the press. But the trip is currently postponed until Monday for those who have a negative coronate test.

– It is a defeat for Simen and a defeat for the team. It is a terribly boring situation, says Holund to VG.

He’s excited.

– I think no one can feel safe for so long, says Holund.

National team doctor Øystein Andersen has said that he fear there are even more cases of infection in the troop that has not yet been discovered.

Krüger should be in good shape and without noticeable symptoms. He trained as normal today, but is now isolated at Hotell Gstatsch in Seiser Alm:

INSULATED: Here Simen Hegstad Krüger is after the positive corona test.

Krüger took two golds in the previous Olympics (relay and 30 kilometers joint start with ski change). Krüger was one of the favorites in three exercises in China.

– We lose with Simen Krüger, a gold candidate in several exercises. He is an Olympic champion in 30 km. He was to go the third stage of the relay and five miles, says Petter Northug TV2.

Several of the teammates will have burst into tears when the news of Krüger’s positive test came.

– Everyone thinks it’s very sad. We know how much work lies behind the road to the Olympics and have compassion for Simen. It is starting to get tragic, an Olympics without the world’s best skiers is not the same, writes Olympic athlete Lotta Udnes Weng in an SMS to VG.

Sprint coach Arild Monsen and women athletes Heidi Weng and Anne Kjersti Kalvå from the cross-country national team are already infected.

The national team management has not yet decided whether the infected athletes will be replaced by reserves. Among the men, Harald Østberg Amundsen is the first reserve. He shared a hotel room with Hegstad Krüger until yesterday, when the national team, with the exception of Johannes Høsflot Klæbo, Therese Johaug and the infected cross-country women, changed hotels.

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