Sunday, May 22

National Education: staff will have ten free self-tests each month from February 1

To maintain “particular vigilance in the school environment” and avoid “class closures as much as possible”, the government has decided to provide ten free self-tests each month to National Education staff. The measure, which is due to come into force on February 1, was the subject of a decree published in the Official Journal on January 22.

Covered by Health Insurance, these free tests must be collected from the pharmacy, on presentation of “an identity document and a nominative certificate of issue given by the employer”. The approach is aimed at professionals working in nursery, primary, middle and high schools, as well as “in the accommodation, reception and extracurricular activities associated with them”.

Until February 1, these professionals can already obtain two free self-tests in January, following the same procedure. The decree also provides for the distribution of three self-tests per student declared contact case at school, college or high school.

The Ministry of National Education recalled the existence of this decree, Wednesday, January 26. The announcement had gone almost unnoticed, more or less stifled by the protests of certain establishments which, in recent weeks, have reported having received self-tests at the end of their validity period, or even expired.

National Education denied any intentional approach, explaining in a press release that “the self-tests were acquired, then distributed in establishments in April and May 2021. Supplies, in smaller volumes, continued after the start of the school year in September 2021 The expiry dates for these self-tests were between January 2022 and April 2023”.

The tests referred to in these accusations “were therefore very likely to have been delivered to the academies during the operations of 2021”, assures the ministry. Knowing that, since the return from the Christmas holidays, “there is no longer any delivery of self-tests to academies or establishments”.

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