Tuesday, May 17

Perpignan. Assault on LREM deputy Romain Grau by anti-pass: two suspects in police custody

Two individuals were taken into police custody on Thursday after the attack on LREM deputy Romain Grau on Saturday in Perpignan by individuals demonstrating against the health pass. The deputy, elected in 2017, announced on Sunday that he had filed a complaint after “this intolerable violence”.

The day before, while he was working on his duty with Guillem Gervilla, a parliamentary adviser to Eric Dupond-Moretti, “a horde of people” walked towards them, tapping on the windows overlooking the street. The two men then went out to try to calm them down, but were “violently” attacked, according to Romain Grau, reporting “fairly heavy insults” and a “punch on the chin”.

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“One of my neighbors intervened and got slapped,” the MP told AFP. They were about 250 demonstrators, according to him.

Eric Dupond-Moretti rebukes the “irresponsible politicians”

Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti traveled to Perpignan on Thursday. “I think it is time to question these excesses, on social networks, on the irresponsible politicians who spread hatred. They have the taste of a fractured France. Their program is to go up against each other, ”said the Keeper of the Seals, after visiting Romain Grau. “But, added the minister, after the words there are the blows. It is a societal choice that we must face. Romain Grau and Guillem Gervilla almost got lynched. Justice will do its job”.

Oh! Did you vote it the pass?

On a video posted on Twitter by Guillem Gervilla, we see a man screaming “to death” and another shouting “ho! did you vote it the pass? “. Another video circulating on social networks shows dozens of people, some wearing yellow vests, repeating “collaborators” in the direction of Romain Grau and Guillem Gervilla.

In July 2019, Romain Grau’s office in Perpignan was targeted by “yellow vests” who broke windows and tried to set fire to the premises where the deputy was.


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