Friday, May 20

The Norwegian Directorate of Health: Several municipalities are struggling to increase infection

The infection boom is increasing the burden on health and care services in several municipalities, the Norwegian Directorate of Health writes in its weekly report.

The management of the Norwegian Directorate of Health reports that several municipalities are concerned about the corona load. Here is assistant health director Espen Rostrup Nakstad followed by health director Bjørn Guldvog.

Nearly half of the municipalities report significantly strained capacity in the health and care services. Four municipalities report critical access to personnel and capacity due to the increase in infection, the Norwegian Directorate of Health states.

An increased number of municipalities consider the risk to be medium for the infection to overload the health service in the next one to three weeks.

In the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s weekly report, 163 municipalities provide information on challenging access to personnel / critical competence, which means that capacity is significantly strained. 168 municipalities have good access.

While the number of municipalities with a critical shortage of employees and capacity in the health service has doubled from two to four

Vennesla, Stjørdal, Øygarden and Øvre Eiker now have a red level in health and care services.

The number of inmates with covid-19 in municipal institutions is increasing, and it is now 390
hospitalized against 108 three weeks ago – there are more than in hospitals, writes the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

Several municipalities lack self-tests for the population. The approach varies, writes the Norwegian Directorate of Health. In week three, just over 5.4 million self-tests were distributed. Now it will be distributed so that each municipality receives 1 to 1.5 tests per week. per capita every week.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health has warned against bursting test capacity. Last week, 272,181 PCR analyzes were performed. 41.1 percent of the tests were positive. The average response time was 1.24 days.

Believes testing at the border may cease

In week 3, a decrease of 43 percent was registered in travelers who were tested at the border. There was also a decrease in the proportion of positive tests at the border.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health considers that imported infection is less important in the current infection situation. Therefore, they believe that testing at the border may cease.

– But it can be considered to test immigrants who can not document with an EU certificate that they have immunity or a negative test in line with the EU Council recommendations. There must be preparedness to be able to scale up the testing at the border if necessary, the Norwegian Directorate of Health writes in its weekly report.

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