Sunday, May 22

They toasted in brandy and planned something the world will never forget

The Wannsee conference lasted only an hour and a half, but will never be forgotten.

What happened at the Wannsee conference? How was the tone and what was said? According to the 1984 film Die Wannseekonferenz, this happened:

The alley goes through a well-kept garden and leads to Villa Marlier. A delayed flight from Prague to Berlin means that SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich arrives late for his own meeting on this snowy day. On the shores of the idyllic Lake Wannsee, the car door is opened by a servant. Heydrich quickly steps out with a briefcase under his right arm. Inside the magnificent villa built in Italian manor style, and which the SS uses for guest and convalescent homes, Heydrich shakes hands with his meeting participants with a tight fist. A total of 15 men take a seat around the table in the guesthouse’s dining room while the logs crackle in the fireplace.
It is January 20, 1942 and one case is on the program:
«The final solution to the Jewish question (Endlösung der Judenfrage)».

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