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A Brazilian mayor thinks he is Rocky and publishes surprising videos

Train like the legendary Rocky in the streets of his city and then fight in the ring: the mayor of Santa Luzia (southeastern Brazil) used his marketing savvy on Wednesday to promote the largest combat sports center from Brazil.

A first video, where we see the mayor, Christiano Xavier, of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), training in boxing in the streets of his city, to the music of the film Rocky, had already gone viral on the social networks.

Wednesday evening, the city councilor faced the president of the municipal chamber, Wander Carvalho Jr, on the same side as him. None of the mayor’s political rivals had agreed to take up the gauntlet.

I’m president of the chamber, I respect our friendship, but I’ll kick your ass“, had launched to the mayor before the fight Mr. Carvalho on Instagram.

But he threw in the towel after a few minutes of fighting, leaving the ring brand new.

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The aim is to promote and encourage sport, which keeps people away from drugs and bad life, and to publicize the opening of the hall“, explained to AFP Christiano Xavier who has made a specialty of inaugurations with sports practices.

Due to the increase in Covid-19 cases in Brazil, the match only had a virtual audience thanks to live broadcasts on Facebook and YouTube, the mayor told AFP.

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Sport is health and dignity, and boxing is a sport like any other“, he assured, rejecting the criticisms that were addressed to him for having promoted violence with this boxing match.

The civic center,largest of its kind in the country“, according to local authorities, will offer free activities to promote combat sports and martial arts. A thousand of the city’s 218,000 inhabitants will be able to benefit from the courses.

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In December, Simao Peixoto, mayor of the municipality of Borba, in the state of Amazonas, had faced a former municipal councilor in a ring following an alleged verbal confrontation.

After the fight, the town hall explained that it was a “marketing stunt” aimed at collecting food donations, brought by the public who came to attend the event, in order to distribute Christmas baskets to people. in need.

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