Saturday, May 21

Assault on LREM deputy Romain Grau by health anti-passes: a third suspect arrested

The investigation is progressing around the attack on LREM deputy Romain Grau attacked six days ago in Perpignan by demonstrators against the health pass. This Friday, a third suspect was arrested, learned the Police-Justice service of CNEWS.

As a reminder, the facts took place on Saturday January 22. “I was working with Guillem Gervilla, parliamentary adviser to Éric Dupond-Moretti, when all of a sudden we heard a horde of people heading towards the office and then banging on the windows”, said the elected official, estimating the number of hostile demonstrators to more than 250.

“We went out to talk to them and there we were attacked very violently. They clearly wanted to crack us up with fairly heavy insults,” he added. “One of my neighbors intervened and got slapped. I received a punch on the chin”, had also specified the deputy.

On a video posted on Twitter by Guillem Gervilla, we can hear a man screaming “to death” and another shouting “did you vote for the pass?”. Shortly after the facts, Romain Grau had finally let it be known that he had been able to “exfiltrate upstairs” from his office.

A complaint lodged

The day after the events, last Sunday evening, the majority deputy, elected in 2017, announced that he had filed a complaint after “these intolerable violence”.

Then, this Thursday, two individuals were taken into custody.

The prefect of Pyrénées-Orientale Etienne Stoskopf condemned this week on Twitter “these acts unacceptable in democracy”, ensuring that “everything will be done to identify their perpetrators”. Investigations which probably led to the arrest of a third suspect.

In July 2019, the permanence of Romain Grau in Perpignan had been targeted by “yellow vests” who had broken windows and tried to set fire to the premises where the deputy was.

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