Sunday, May 15

– I am eternally grateful for all the memories, they live in us forever

Nils Arne Eggen’s grandson, Christian Eggen Rismark, gave a moving speech in Orkdal church.

Nils Arne Eggen passed away on Wednesday 19 January. He fell asleep quietly with his immediate family present. The egg was 80 years old (1941–2022).

The RBK legend will remain as the most successful coach of all time in Norway on the club side. He led Rosenborg to 14 league championships and eight participations in the Champions League.

On Friday, loved ones took a final goodbye to Eggen in Orkdal church. The funeral was led by the parish priest in Byåsen parish, Steinar Leirvik.

Arve Tellefsen and Åge Aleksandersen opened the funeral with a performance of the song Dekksgutten. Later, the RBK song Kongen av Lerkendal was performed by Dag Ingebrigtsen and Torstein Flakne.

Family, RBK legends and close friends went up to say a few words about the RBK legend.

One of them was the grandson Christian Eggen Rismark:

– I think my friends are tired of me, because I will always quote you. But I will continue to do so. I will learn from the story and especially your story. Nils Arne does not play on Sunday, you have to let go now. Now we’ll take over the baton. I am eternally grateful for all the memories, they live in us forever.

Tove Moe Dyrhaug, Ørjan Berg, Runar Berg, Frode Johnsen, Eldar Hansen, Birger Løfaldli, Rune Bratseth and Kjetil Kroksæter all stopped by Adresseavisen’s broadcast to say a few words before the funeral, which you can see at the top of the case.

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