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Sneakers: 500 stolen pairs worth 600,000 euros put up for sale by an influencer on Instagram

A collector of rare sneakers in Massy had his storage box robbed. Nearly 500 pairs were stolen for an estimated value “between 400,000 and 600,000 euros”.

The facts took place on January 16 in Massy (91). According to Parisian, the 15 m² box belongs to the Retroshop site, which specializes in the sale of sneakers.

“Went to the warehouse on Tuesday the 18th to pick up a pair. I open my box, it gets a little stuck. I open fully, and there: nothing! They took almost everything, they only left the pairs for children … ”, lamented Chris, manager of the site, with the daily newspaper.

After quickly filing a complaint at the Palaiseau police station, the manager of Retroshop scanned social networks in the hope of finding his stolen items.

The thief turned out to be an influencer

To his surprise, looking at the story of an influencer, Chris recognizes some of the pairs that were stolen from him.

“Seeing the story, I say to myself: but, this is my pair! It is very rare, never released in France. Then I see a second, a third… and the whole pile in the living room. […] In fact, the guy actually has my business in his living room,” Chris said. According to him, the damage is estimated “between 400,000 and 600,000 euros”.

The influencer in question is Purple Boy, 37, and has over 11,000 followers on Instagram and Snapchat.

In his story, he announces to his subscribers that he has received “a shipment of sneakers”, without specifying their origins. “There is only authentic (…) really beautiful models, Off Whites, Travis Scotts, rare models,” he enthused.

He will be tried for “receiving theft”

Immediately alerted, the police raided the influencer’s home on Monday, January 24. The man was already “known for petty crime” according to the Parisian.

Nearly 70 pairs out of 500 were found at Purple Boy and his accomplice. The two men will be tried next March for “concealment of theft.”

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