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Which series was the most watched in streaming in the United States in 2021?

The ranking of the most watched series on streaming platforms in the United States in 2021 reveals a rather surprising result.

While one would have thought that the Korean production Squid Game would win the first place of the most streamed original series across the Atlantic, it is actually Lucifer who climbed to the top of the ranking established by Nielsen for Deadline.

First broadcast on Fox and then saved by Netflix, the series worn by Tom Ellis – who unveiled its 6th and final season – has indeed managed to do better than the Korean phenomenon.

The number of episodes of Lucifer, which has 93 compared to 9 for Squid Game, made the difference according to Nielsen’s calculation methods. Lucifer thus counted some 18.3 billion minutes of viewing against 16.4 for Squid Game which ranks second.

Netflix imposes itself with twelve programs in the Top 15, leaving only three occasions to: The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu), ranked 10th; Ted Lasso (Apple TV+), 12th, and Wandavision (Disney+), 14th.

In terms of acquisitions, the top three of the most streamed series are Criminal Minds (Netflix), Cocomelon (Netflix) and Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix). We salute the incredible performance here of Cocomelon who, with only 15 episodes of songs intended to teach children the alphabet, numbers or even animal cries, rivals two mastodons with more than 300 episodes each.

Regarding the method of calculation again, the Deadline site specifies that “in compiling streaming rankings, Nielsen only measures viewing via a television screen, which means that mobile viewing is not counted”. It is also specified that Disney, Hulu, Prime Video, Apple TV+ and Netflix are, to date, the only regularly monitored services, so there is no indication of viewing titles like Friends on HBO Max or Yellowstone on Peacock. .

List of the most-watched original series streaming in the United States in 2021

  1. Lucifer  Netflix

  2. Squid Game Netflix

  3. Great British Baking Show Netflix

  4. Virgin River Netflix

  5. Bridgerton Netflix

  6. You Netflix

  7. Cobra Kai Netflix

  8. The Crown Netflix

  9. Longmire Netflix

  10. The Handmaid’s Tale Hulu

  11. Outer Banks Netflix

  12. Ted Lasso Apple TV+

  13. Maid (2021 Series) Netflix

  14. Wandavision Disney+

  15. The Witcher Netflix

List of most-watched streaming acquisitions in the United States in 2021

  1. Criminal Minds Netflix

  2. Cocomelon Netflix

  3. Grey’s Anatomy Netflix

  4. NCIS Netflix

  5. Heartland Netflix

  6. Manifest Netflix

  7. Supernatural Netflix

  8. Schitt’s Creek Netflix

  9. Gilmore Girls Netflix

  10. New Girl Netflix

  11. Shameless Netflix

  12. The Blacklist Netflix

  13. Bones Amazon/Hulu

  14. Seinfeld Hulu/Netflix

  15. The Walking Dead Netflix

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