Saturday, May 21

Police: 10 suicides in the ranks since the beginning of the year

Under the uniform, the discomfort is deep. Since the beginning of this year 2022, ten police officers have ended their day. Latest drama to date, the suicide, Thursday, January 27, of a computer agent from the Rennes police station (Ille-et-Villaine).

The body of this Rennes policeman was discovered by his colleagues, a few seconds after the events, in the inner courtyard of the police station, located boulevard de la Tour d’Auvergne, we learned from concordant sources. He had thrown himself from the roof of the police station.

The previous weekend, on the night of Sunday to Monday, it was the suicide in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône) of another 22-year-old policeman who made an impression. Described as a brilliant young man, he ended his life at home with his service weapon, just five months after his arrival in Marseille.

In the CNEWS morning show, this Saturday, January 29, Isabelle Moreau recalled that on average, each year between 40 and 50 police suicides are counted. Therefore, with 10 suicides recorded in barely a month, the profession seems to be grappling with a veritable “catastrophe”.

A “serious” awareness demanded

Questioned by the journalist, Jean-Christophe Couvy, trade unionist within the organization Unit SGP Police FO described this figure, “a figure of shame”. For him, he signs “a collective failure”. It is necessary on the part of political leaders and public authorities, he insisted, a “serious” awareness.

And to recall the difficult working conditions of a profession in direct contact “with everything that is going wrong in society”. “When we go to work, we put on our police uniform a bit like superheroes, we shouldn’t have flaws, but we take it in the face.”

From this very gloomy observation, the trade unionist nevertheless outlines some lines of thought. “We don’t have a decompression room, moments of debriefing”.

For Jean-Christophe Couvy, it is therefore becoming urgent “to put people back at work and benevolence on a daily basis”. The condition, according to him, sine qua non, to prevent the worst as best as possible.

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