Saturday, May 21

Gad Elmaleh: his unusual anecdote with Tom Cruise

An amazing encounter. Invited on the set of “We are live”, this Saturday January 29, Gad Elmaleh remembered a scene for the less comical with the famous actor Tom Cruise.

Currently on tour throughout France for his new show, the comedian captivated the public on the set of France 2.

Indeed, during an evening, Gad Elmaleh crossed the star Tom Cruise. A meeting that he ironically describes as “the collapse of the American dream”.

“He had a banana around his waist…yes a banana with a tuxedo,” the comedian said. “It’s not over: he puts his cloakroom ticket in and there, the closure is stuck…”.

Faced with this improbable scene, Gad Elmaleh admitted to reviewing his vision that he had of the actor of “Mission impossible”. “I wanted to tell him: ‘you can’t do that, I saw you hanging on to planes taking off, that can’t be your mission,'” he said. in front of a cheering crowd.

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