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Lindvik won the Olympic dress rehearsal: – Gives me a huge self-confidence

Marius Lindvik (23) impressed a lot in that he jumped to victory in the last competition before the Olympics.

IN GREAT FORM: Marius Lindvik is among the gold candidates in Beijing after a huge January.

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Marius Lindvik struck and won in Willingen after jumping up from 6th place in the second round. The victory was his sixth of his career.

– This was a great day. I’ll try to keep this going going forward. This gives me great confidence towards the Olympics. I know it’s good enough to hang on to the top. I can only try to do the same in Beijing, Lindvik says to Viaplay.

The jump in the final round stretched to 144.5 meters. Halvor Egner Granerud was number five after having a worse starting point from the first round.

– The second jump was very good. It was almost perfect, in addition to the fact that Marius had some flow with the conditions. He is in good shape at the moment and is performing consistently well. It is good to see, says national team coach Alexander Stöckl to FIS.

COULD JOY: Alexander Stöckl had a lot to smile about this weekend. Here from Bischofshofen earlier in January.

Although the expectations are now high for the Norwegian jumpers, the coach tones it all down a bit before the Olympics.

– This promises well, but there are completely new slopes in Beijing. It will be interesting. There are several who have shown lately that they are good enough to fight for medals.

The team effort of the Norwegians, who had to do without corona-infected Daniel-André Tande and Johann André Forfang, impresses more.

– They are always up there and deliver. It is a joy to see this gang jump, said Kasper Wikestad at Viaplay when Lindvik’s victory was a fact.

After the race, Stöckl was naturally also asked about the infected jumpers. Work is now in full swing to reach the Olympics.

– There is a lot of testing. That’s what it’s about. They have to get to the right value to start the five-day process they have to go into before leaving, says Stöckl, who talks about hectic days ahead for the rest of the squad.

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– We go to Norway tomorrow, then directly to Beijing. It will be a long day, but then we will arrive on Tuesday.

Robert Johansson and Robin Pedersen were also in the final round. They ended up as numbers 13 and 22, respectively.

But the drama was not completely over in Willingen. The quarter after the race was over, the official results list had not yet arrived. Halvor Egner Granerud tells Viaplay that meetings are taking place inside the equipment room. There are many indications that this applies to Cene Prevc, which came in third.

– I think there are some skis that are possibly bigger than they can be. That is probably why the list has not come yet, but we know very little, Granerud says.

But when the award ceremony was underway, Prevc was present. Thus, there are many indications that he was within the regulations.


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