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Me and the father of “Sivert” have something in common

“Rådebank” quickly became a popular favorite in Norwegian homes. The series has been praised for putting suicide on the agenda, among other things.

Over 600 people in Norway commit suicide every year. Two thirds of these are men.

In the second season, the main character “Sivert” takes his life. Viewers get to follow the bereaved through the difficult times.

Now Othilie (18) thanks “Rådebank” for having shed light on the societal problem.

Me and the father of “Sivert” have something in common.

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The TV series “Rådebank” is one of NRK’s ​​most watched. There we have been part of a robbery environment in the village Bø in Telemark.

In the three seasons, viewers get to join many ups and downs. We have become acquainted with many characters, but there is one who has stood out in particular.

It is the main character «Sivert».

Parallels to Rådebank

Anyone who has seen the first two seasons of “Rådebank” knew that “Sivert” was not going to appear in the last season.

It’s because he chooses to take his own life.

Even though the plot is fictitious, the suicide rates in Norway are still real. Suicide is the most common cause of death among young people. Among those who take their lives are two thirds men.

Young people need to become better at talking about difficult things. But the door to health care must also be open, says Othilie Gursli (18).

In season three, we meet early on the father of “Sivert” together with “Glenn Tore”, or “GT”. He is also one of the series’ main characters and was the best friend of “Sivert”. The father of the man who is now dead takes up something important with him.

He talks about how relatives and survivors of suicide are met. How all they encounter are statistics, piles of sheets with theories of suicide prevention, empty words and promises.

Me and the father of “Sivert” have something in common. We have both been met with statistics, promising words and what the state puts into suicide prevention work. We have both lost someone to suicide. We are both relatives.

A societal problem

“Rådebank” sheds light on a societal problem that must be addressed. Society must see that it does not help to write down a lot of suicide prevention measures on paper. It may work in theory, but not in practice.

Every year it is about 600 people in Norway who choose to end their own lives. These statistics show that the suicide prevention work that we in society do does not work as it should. Otherwise, this number would have declined. Something it has not had in recent years.

Need to get better

We young people need to become better at talking about what is difficult in life. Both girls and boys and regardless of age. But then there must also be an open door with the health service when life becomes too much to cope with without professional help.

It does not help to be met with not being sick enough. That there is a x number of weeks waiting time or that you have not had a suicide attempt before, so you are downgraded.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Although it is not so easy to see from the outside that someone is struggling mentally. It is not as simple as when someone has broken an arm or a foot.

Important to illuminate

«Rådebank »managed to shed light on this suicide as the societal problem it is. That people who are struggling need help, that it is difficult to know when and how, and that friends and relatives must be taken care of. For that, the creators of the series deserve thanks.

We young people must become better at talking about what is difficult in life, writes Othilie Gursli (18). The picture is from the first season of the series «Rådebank»,

At the same time, I hope that politicians see this societal problem and address it. Suicide prevention work can not only be set as a goal on paper. It must happen in practice.

Everyone deserves to live a good life, but some may need a little help at some point to find the good life.

We have no more to lose.

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