Monday, May 16

Shaïna case: the meeting rape of the teenager burned alive in 2019 judged on Monday, her family speaks

A posthumous judgement. The criminal court of Senlis (Oise) will judge Monday and Tuesday four young people for having sexually assaulted Shaïna, 13, in August 2017 in Creil, two years before the assassination of the teenager, burned alive, pregnant. His family wanted to speak.

The trial will be held behind closed doors, because the defendants, under judicial supervision, were minors at the time of the events. Two of them, including the main suspect, then boyfriend of Shaïna, were 14 years old, the other two 16 and 17 years old.

Initially indicted for rape, the three youngest must finally respond to sexual assault and violence in meetings and recording pornographic images of a minor.

The ex-boyfriend – who faces the heaviest sentence, three and a half years in prison – is also being prosecuted for “serious pressure” to obtain sexual favors.

a gear

The gear, according to the complaint filed by Shaïna on the evening of the events, August 31, engages when her boyfriend, initially “nice”, takes a photo of her naked, which he uses to blackmail her. At his request, she will join him in a disused clinic, where the trio will abuse her, notably inflicting a penetration with a lip stick, and filming her.

A video showing her partially naked, trying to hide her sex under the insults, will be found by the investigators.

The oldest of the boys is appearing for a sexual assault committed a week earlier, on August 24. Denounced by Shaïna at the same time as those of the 31st, these facts were attached to the file.

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