Tuesday, May 17

Sunday interview. Pierre Lemaitre: “I write adventure novels that everyone can read”

Who are the people of this “Big World”?

The Big World , it is the story of a family, the Pelletiers. I had never before written a family saga, this classic genre of literature, one of the most tempting subjects for novelists. The family is very rich interactions. I hadn’t done it until now because I thought I didn’t have the maturity to do it. The Pelletiers are like any other French family: the children are not alike, without being dissimilar. Some are close, others far away.

Why start this saga on the Glorious Thirties in 1948?

When we think of the Glorious Thirties, we think of the Pompidou years: we think of cars, fridges, TV, we think of concrete, cities, enrichment of families. But the beginning of the Thirty…


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