Tuesday, May 17

These 10 meats that would contain too many nitrites

It is the additive which allows the ham to remain pink whereas cooked it should be gray. Nitrite salts are widely used in the preservation of cooked or smoked meats. If they have useful properties for their preservation, these additives are also suspected of increasing the risk of colon cancer.

In 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (WHO) classified processed meat, including deli meats, as carcinogenic (category 1). Ingested nitrites are considered probable carcinogens.

A law in preparation

In order to meet increasingly demanding consumer demand, manufacturers are also beginning to offer products without nitrite salts. In the National Assembly, the deputies have taken up the subject and have just voted in committee for a text in favor of a “trajectory of reduction” of the maximum doses of nitro additives in charcuterie, without however going as far as prohibition. Here are the ten meats most affected by this controversial additive.

  • Ham

  • The bacon

  • Sausages (merguez, chipolatas, frankfurters…)

  • The pie

  • Foie gras

  • Sausage and chorizo

  • andouille

  • The salami

  • Mortadelle

  • Bolognese sauce


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