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Men are not the main people, real estate agent Nordvik!

  • Helle Stensbak

    Social economist

Nordvik’s advertising had one full page with «Our best real estate agents» and another with «Our best female real estate agents». Completely unaware, they revealed that they are not worried about a system error indoors, writes Helle Stensbak.

Men are not the main people, real estate agent Nordvik!

This is a debate post. Opinions in the text are at the writer’s expense.

Last week, Nordvik real estate agent boasted of something they should have been embarrassed about.

Over one full-page advertisement in Dagens Næringsliv showed Nordvik last year’s best brokers with 1036 homes sold. On the next full page, they showed last year’s second-best brokers with 569 homes sold.

The division after 1036 and 569 was made by dividing employees, not into Norwegians and foreigners or Aryans and Jews, but after “all”, with men in the vast majority, and women. With the advertising rig, they indicated that they have hired two groups where both are good at their own terms.

And completely unaware, they revealed that they are not worried about a system failure indoors.

Man glorification

So I rubbed it in: Men are not the main people. It is foolish to swarm around in a man’s glorification where one subconsciously implicitly assumes that men are only the best. For what is important, well paid, comfortable, light or delicious.

That a significant number of men on the planet, throughout history, have lived in intoxicating self-glorification does not justify the belief. And what this fallacy is due to, I do not know. Brain defect? Hormone-induced intoxication? (Can any scientists please find out?) We know that men are made by women, and that the only thing men have done to become just that is to be born.

We also know that we very rarely emphasize this particular side of the issue.

But inhibiting certain people’s abilities and work product reduces the financial outcome. The results are suboptimal where a limited group is given privileges that are at the expense of others’ production.

Boy culture?

If I were the leader in Nordvik, I would therefore investigate the difference between 1036 and 509.

Is the approach to the most easy-to-sell skewed? Is there a boy culture or a clique that secretly divides the tenderloins between them? Or what’s going on?

When large numbers reveal systemic, ill-founded differences, a leader should take action.

Men’s historical achievements look greater than women’s, in numbers. We still know that the documentation has weaknesses in the counting method, errors in the source management and in the underlying variables. This means that there is no basis for claiming that men are better or more productive than women.

A management problem

Yes, then, there are differences between genders and groups, but (sorry), the differences are on a far less dramatic level. Value creation, intelligence, abilities and importance in men do not lie above women. Or other groups, for that matter.

I think there are cracks under the surface at broker Nordvik. And I think in that sense they are in the company of many other organizations. Similar misallocations in the distribution of influence and privileges exist in many places. Also in the management.

And where aggression is allowed: perhaps especially in management.

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