Monday, May 23

Presidential: what next for the left after the victory of Christiane Taubira in the primary?

The victory of Christiane Taubira this Sunday in the popular primary risks leading to yet another candidacy on the left in the next presidential election.

Following this success, the former Minister of Justice, who had launched her campaign two weeks ago, called on the other candidates on her political side to “find a way to bring together the left and their sensibilities”.

If Christian Taubira intends to call the various candidates on the left, she is already aware of “their reluctance”.

An almost impossible union

Despite this desire to unite the left under a single candidacy, this idea nevertheless seems utopian.

Indeed, the various personalities registered in the campaign have already indicated that they do not take into account the results of the popular primary.

“She put on the shoe that was prepared for her, I’m not concerned, it’s their business,” reacted LFI candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon on France 5, adding that he was “a little fed up with phone calls” .

Same feeling on the side of the Greens. Guest of TF1’s 8 p.m., Yannick Jadot estimated that Christiane Taubira’s victory was equivalent to “one more candidacy”.

An opinion shared by Sandrine Rousseau, finalist of the primary ecologist, who estimated, immediately after the victory of Christiane Taubira, that “the situation was complicated on the left”. An analysis followed by an ironic proposal from another candidate: François Hollande.

Anne Hidalgo won’t let go

While Arnaud Montebourg preferred to withdraw from the presidential campaign because of his failure to take off in the polls, Anne Hidalgo tends to continue.

Estimated at 2% of voting intentions, according to the latest OpinionWay poll for CNEWS, the socialist did not feel “committed by the result” of this primary. The mayor of Paris even regretted the purpose. “It could have been a moment of gathering of the whole left, it’s one more candidacy,” she added.

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