Monday, May 23

Tolls: prices blocked this year for short journeys, announces Vinci Autoroutes

Vinci Autoroutes announced on Monday a freeze on toll rates this year on the majority of short routes on its network.

This tariff break concerns 80% of journeys of less than 30 km, two-thirds of journeys of less than 50 km as well as bypass routes of 34 agglomerations, indicated the first group of motorway concessions in France, whose network includes the Motorways of the South of France (ASF), Cofiroute and Escota.

Nevertheless, the average of Vinci Autoroutes toll rates will still increase in 2022 by 2% from Tuesday (2.19% for ASF, 1.90% for Cofiroute and 2.05% for Escota). An increase which is in line with the average of those coming into force on 1is February on almost all French motorway concessions.

Compensation on longer journeys?

“We made sure to apply the contracts (binding the companies to the State, editor’s note), which means that we have an average increase of 2%. We have worked to ensure that (…) as many motorists as possible benefit from journeys that do not increase,” said an AFP spokesperson.

He also refused to conclude that tolls would increase more on long journeys, to compensate for the freezing of daily journeys. “It’s case by case,” he insisted.

As a reminder, motorway tolls increase every year according to a calculation taking into account the rate of inflation and the work undertaken by the concession companies.

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