Sunday, May 22

Africa. Guinea-Bissau: “Coup attempt”, shootings near the presidential palace

Heavy gunfire was heard Tuesday afternoon in the area of ​​the government palace in Bissau, capital of Guinea-Bissau, a small West African country with a troubled political history.

The government palace, where President Umaro Sissoco Embalo and Prime Minister Nuno Gomes Nabiam were believed to be for an extraordinary cabinet meeting, was surrounded by heavily armed men.

UN chief António Guterres called for an “immediate halt” to the fighting.

Tuesday’s events, the cause of which is still unknown, inevitably evoke the serial putsches that have shaken West Africa since 2020: in Mali in August of that year and again in May 2021, in Guinea in September 2021 and in Burkina Faso in January this year.

Moreover, ECOWAS condemned an “attempted coup”.

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