Saturday, May 21

England: Mason Greenwood (Manchester United) accused of sexual assault and death threats

Mason Greenwood, the Manchester United striker arrested by police on Sunday for rape, is facing new charges of sexual assault and death threats, British media reported on Tuesday.

Police in Greater Manchester (north of England) announced that the man in his twenties arrested on Sunday for rape and whose identity they did not disclose, “has since been arrested further for suspicion of sexual assault and death threats.”

In a statement released on Tuesday, Greater Manchester Police said: “Investigators have been granted more time to speak to a man in his 20s who has been arrested on suspicion of rape and assault of a woman. “.

Prolonged custody

“His interrogation continues after magistrates authorized the extension of his police custody until tomorrow, Wednesday February 2, continues the police. At this stage of the investigations, he was again arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and death threats.

In the hours following the first allegations against him on Sunday, Mason Greenwood, considered one of the rising stars of English football, was suspended until further notice from training and competition by his club.

The investigators, who obtained an extension of his police custody, had opened an investigation after the publication on social networks of images and videos showing a young woman with a bloody face and bruises on her body, with the mention ” to anyone who wants to know what Mason Greenwood is really doing to me.”

The equipment supplier Nike announced for its part that it had suspended the contract binding it with the player while the video game giant EA Sports announced that it had removed it from the active teams of the FIFA 22 game.

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