Saturday, May 21

Everyday life. “Pregnant” man, Fatima hand, skin colors… Here are the new emojis available on Apple

Did you miss not being able to send a coral, a tire, an empty jar or kidney beans in your messages? If you are using an Apple device and downloading the IOS 15.4 beta, this will now be possible. 37 new emojis, not counting those that are declined with several skin colors, have been added to the list.

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Among the new small icons are also a hand of Fatima, a lotus flower, a nest with eggs, a slide, a disco ball, or even a lifebuoy. As for the small yellow faces, we can now click on the one that is moved to tears, the one that hides its mouth with fear, the one that is at attention, the one that is transparent, or even the one that melts , literally. New hand gestures will be possible, such as pointing or making a heart with your hands.

More inclusive

In the revealed list by the Emojipedia website, some emoticons help make the offer more inclusive. For example, many variations of skin colors are available for the handshake. Apple is also adding a “pregnant” man and a “pregnant person” emoji, using the face and haircut found on the genderless variants of the existing little characters.

On the other hand, it is for the moment only the beta version of the new IOS. To have access to the final version, it may be necessary to wait until April.

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