Monday, May 23

Greek salad: the incredible cast of the series by Cédric Klapisch, sequel to The Spanish Inn

She is eagerly awaited. After The Spanish Inn (2002), Russian Dolls (2005), and Chinese Puzzle (2013), Cédric Klapisch revives the story of Xavier and Wendy thanks to Salade Grecque, whose cast has just been revealed.

The series, expected later in 2022 on Amazon Prime Video, will follow the adventures of Tom and Mia – the children of Xavier and Wendy – at a pivotal moment in their lives. While his 19-year-old sister is living in Athens for her studies, Tom, 25, flies to the Greek capital where he and Mia have inherited a building belonging to their grandfather. And which they inherited upon his death.

The young man goes there to manage the situation, and secretly hopes to reconnect with his sister with whom he has a conflicting relationship. Here they are, sharing accommodation in Athens with roommates from all over Europe. Far from the carelessness of their parents and their friends in Barcelona, ​​twenty years earlier.

In the main roles, viewers will find Aliocha Schneider (Pompéi, Merci pour tout) and Megan Northam (Miss Chazelles). The series will obviously welcome several known faces from the Cédric Klapisch trilogy, starting with Romain Duris, Cécile de France, Kevin Bishop, and Kelly Reilly. Barnaby Metschurat will take over the role of Tobias.

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