Sunday, May 22

Miscellaneous facts. A jewelry thief takes a loyalty card from the store he robs: he is found by the police

A jewelry thief was quickly found by the police after taking a loyalty card from the store he stole in Guingamp, Côtes-d’Armor. This is the incredible story that Monday told The Telegram. The man was sentenced to 18 months in prison, six of which were suspended on probation, for theft and fraud.

The man of Romanian nationality acknowledged the facts reported. This former prisoner, released last November, began by defrauding a 65-year-old old lady in December, our colleagues report. He discreetly retrieves the victim’s bank card on which his code is written.

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The cap of the stolen card is reached: he steals a pair of earrings

With this card, he spends 350 euros in a tobacconist and more than 700 euros in a trade specializing in second-hand products. He finally decides to go to a jewelry store to make gifts for his girlfriend and buys jewelry for 500 euros. However, he cannot buy a pair of earrings because the payment limit of the card has been reached. Too bad: he steals them. Except that the ill-intentioned customer had taken a loyalty card, and therefore given his information to the store.

The jewelry store filed a complaint after noticing the theft and the gendarmes quickly arrested the thief who complied and was imprisoned to serve part of his sentence, adds the local newspaper.

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