Monday, May 16

Orpea case: “the government will be there”, assures Jean Castex

During his speech in the National Assembly on Tuesday, February 1, Prime Minister Jean Castex reaffirmed the government’s intention to act following the accusations against the EHPAD Orpea.

At the end of the speech of the communist deputy André Chassaigne, Jean Castex did not hide the intention of the government to take this problem head-on. “We do not intend to remain inactive in the face of these alleged accusations,” he announced.

The Prime Minister made a point of recalling the measures already taken by Brigitte Bourguignon, Minister responsible for the Autonomy of the elderly.

The latter indicated that the government was going to launch a “double investigation” entrusted to the General Inspectorates of Social Affairs (IGAS) and Finance (IGF). But also, “unannounced checks” carried out by the State services in the establishments of Orpea.

“We take this matter very seriously”

Taking this scandal linked to EHPAD Orpea “very seriously”, Jean Castex promised that his government “will be there” to respond to the serious shortcomings denounced by families, residents and collaborators.

He also took the opportunity to recall what the government had already done to help people in need of support as well as related medical personnel.

All this while recognizing that several steps had to be taken to achieve “the very great autonomy law, to which we all aspire”.

For his part, in the midst of a media turmoil, Philippe Charrier, CEO of Orpea, assured CNEWS this Tuesday morning that “several accusations” were “unfounded”. The latter also promised that his group would bring “all the light on these events, in full transparency”.

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