Tuesday, May 17

The hockey president cheers for the opening of sports: – A great day

On Tuesday, the government will remove a number of corona measures. Among other things, the number restrictions on events are removed, which means that top sports can once again fill up the arenas.

HAPPY: Tage Pettersen is happy that the government is now opening up.

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– It’s a big day today. We have regained all activity in all arenas, and the number restrictions have been removed. Today, everyone can be happy, says president of the Norwegian Ice Hockey Association, Tage Pettersen, to VG.

In the government’s press conference, it became clear that a number of corona measures will be removed. Number restrictions on indoor and outdoor events are removed, and for events with fixed allocated seats, the distance requirements are removed when sitting in the seat. This means that all the seats in an arena can be used.

The corona measures, which were presented on 14 January, meant that only 200 spectators were allowed for indoor events with allocated seats. For outdoor events with allocated seats, it was before the new measures allowed with 600 spectators, divided into three cohorts.

On January 21, it was opened to more audiences, with up to 1,500 people indoors and 3,000 people outdoors – both a maximum of 50 percent of the capacity and with the audience divided into cohorts. Now it opens up completely.

– It will be tough to fill the hall immediately. I think some will still be skeptical of seeking out accumulations of people. But now we can at least make it easy for the audience to come, and we will do our best to market that it is safe to visit our arenas, says Pettersen.

EMPTY: It has mostly been quite crowded in the stands in Norwegian ice hockey lately.

– I had a strong hope that the sport would be opened and I expected a strong relief with regard to the audience restrictions. Now that all the restrictions have been removed, there is very good reason to be very happy, says Pettersen.

Minister of Culture and Gender Equality Anette Trettebergstuen says that the measures for events without permanent allocated places can be removed shortly.

– At events with the public without fixed allocated places, the organizer must ensure proper operation, and that groups with family or other close contacts must keep one meter away from others. But if nothing unforeseen happens to the infection situation, this restriction will also disappear in two weeks, says Trettebergstuen.

Major events such as the World Cup on ice skates (March 3-6) and the World Cup in ski flying in Vikersund (March 10-13) thus have the opportunity to look forward to full stands.

– We are extremely looking forward to finally welcoming the audience back to Vikersundbakken and the World Cup in ski flying. It will be a long-awaited folk festival with the world’s best jumpers in action, concerts and a folk festival, says ski flying president in Vikersund. Leif Arne Berget, in a press release.

OPENING UP: Minister of Culture and Gender Equality Anette Trettebergstuen.

The new recommendations, which enter into force on 1 February at 11 pm, also open up for grassroots sports.

  • Today’s recommendations for organized leisure activities and events are repealed.
  • The general recommendation of a distance of 1 meter when carrying out an activity shall not apply if contact is necessary to carry out the activity.

– Now children, young people and adults can engage in their leisure activities without recommendations for reduced group sizes or requirements for distance. I know many have longed for that, and this means a lot for people’s physical and mental health, says Trettebergstuen.

– We are very happy that the government now ensures full reopening for the entire sport so all athletes get normal activity with training and competitions. The time was ripe for a full reopening, and our wishes have been fulfilled, says sports president Berit Kjøll.


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