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This unusual house built upside down is causing a sensation in Colombia (Video)

A completely stunning home. Recently opened in the Colombian city of Guatavita, this tourist attraction is already a real success with the public.

Since its opening on January 8, 2022, this atypical house located on the outskirts of Bogota, has become Colombia’s new tourist sensation. It arouses immense enthusiasm among Colombians who flock there to immortalize themselves in a photo in a new and surprising way.

Built upside down, it was designed by its Austrian owner Fritz Schall, who has lived in Colombia with his family since 2000. The idea came to him in 2015 after visiting a similar house with his grandchildren in his native Austria. . He then promised himself to build one on Colombian soil.

The laying of the first stone began in 2020 but the Covid-19 pandemic delayed the construction of this curious building, baptized since its inauguration in January 2022 “La casa loca” (The crazy house). “Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. People didn’t believe it,” Fritz Schall told Reuters. “The pandemic has slowed us down a bit, but it’s built now and we inaugurated it three weeks ago,” he added.

The secret of this house: an optical illusion

“The house is upside down. It is tilted five degrees to the left and five degrees back,” he told Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, adding that this contributed to an optical illusion. “This is why we explain it to the public as soon as they enter because once inside the house, the place generates dizziness and disorients the brain, you have to wait for the body to adapt to this optical illusion created by this completely inverted space,” he continued.

In this overturned house, visitors therefore walk on the ceilings which should be in place of the floors. In addition, all the furniture and decorative elements have been installed and glued in reverse, giving the public the impression that they are going to fall on their heads, but it is rather an opportunity for visitors to have fun putting yourself on stage by taking unusual selfies.

The entrance fee to visit this unusual dwelling is 18,000 Colombian pesos, or about 4 euros per adult, and 14,000 pesos, or just over 3 euros, per child (free for children under 3 years old). There is also a special family rate (two adults and one child) set at 46,000 Colombian pesos, or just under 10.50 euros.

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