Sunday, May 15

Cyclone Batsirai: an oil tanker ran aground near the coast of Reunion

A Mauritian tanker that was sailing empty ran aground near the coast of Reunion as Cyclone Batsirai sweeps across the southwest Indian Ocean.

“The Mauritian ship TrestaStar is stranded in the town of Saint-Philippe 30 meters from the coast,” said the island’s prefecture.

A relief operation has been set up, mobilizing 32 people, but the “conditions are very difficult”. Rescue teams from Sdis (Fire and Rescue Department) were trying to evacuate the 11 sailors on board, who are “safe and sound”.

In difficulty under the effect of the powerful cyclone Batsirai, the tanker could not be towed due to the state of the sea.

Red alert maintained tonight

The hurricane red alert is also maintained on the island for the night. If Batsirai is gradually moving away from Reunion, the winds and rains have intensified. And “the degradation will continue overnight,” notes the prefecture in a press release.

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