Friday, May 20

Presidential 2022. Your newspaper mobilizes its editorial staff… and its readers

Promoting constructive democratic debate and dialogue, through the voice of citizens, by telling their lives and their desires for the future. Open the reflection, make think and enlighten readers and voters. Take the time to report locally, in depth and in nuance. These are the wishes and choices clearly stated for your newspaper and the newspapers of the EBRA group to cover this presidential election.

A panel of 200 key witnesses

Last October, the newspapers of the EBRA group formed, with the help of the Odoxa Institute, a panel of nearly 200 readers representative of the French population and from its territories: the “major witnesses”.

This panel is consulted throughout the campaign, in particular through an online debate space where panelists and Internet users are invited each week to express their opinions on the themes that run through the campaign. For 16 weeks, every Tuesday, each theme of the campaign is in-depth by the editorial staff.

300 local reports

The EBRA group has also launched a series of nearly 300 local reports entitled “La Présidentielle et vous”, available on its various media.

A series soon to be completed by a special Presidential podcast revealing a collection of testimonies. The goal? Paint an unprecedented portrait of the daily life of the French, a few months before the presidential election.

Candidates “Facing the voters”

Finally, from February, the group organizes “Face aux Électeurs”, broadcast on video on its sites, during which the Great Witnesses, alongside journalists from our newsrooms, will question the candidates on the subjects that concern them.

New editorial appointments and new services

In addition to the daily treatment of the campaign on its pages and in real time on its digital media, Internet users have access to new editorial appointments and services on the “Presidential” internet portal of their newspaper: analyzes and decryptions, a program comparator and files for each candidate and soon a poll aggregator.

A “Déinfox” section, intended to verify the declarations and arguments of the candidates, comes to accompany our readers and Internet users.

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