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The best accessories to launch your YouTube, TikTok or Twitch channel

What if in 2022 you decide to launch your own online channel? Whether it is to produce content on YouTube, TikTok and Twitch, it is necessary to equip yourself with equipment to get closer to the professionals. Camera, microphone, lighting… here are 5 devices to become a true creator.

Before you start and make your purchases, you have to think carefully about the type of content you want to produce. A channel dedicated to gaming will require more equipment than one that will feature beauty products, while globetrotters will need to equip themselves with serious video equipment. This non-exhaustive list aims to offer a complete installation in order to share videos from home.

The prices indicated are the recommended retail prices and do not take into account any promotions offered by resellers.

the camera

With the Studio P5, the Poly company offers an interesting webcam with a design designed to film in Full HD, 1080p, your performances in front of your computer (Mac or PC). A microphone is already integrated, as well as a USB socket to add a headset if necessary. A particularly practical tool on laptops which sometimes suffer from a lower quality webcam and often lack USB ports.

Poly Studio P5, 133,95 euros.



To be filmed and to put yourself forward is first of all to know how to show off and good lighting makes the difference. Logitech has therefore designed its Logitech For Creators product line, entirely for content creators and streamers. Among them, we discover a very useful accessory, the Litra Glow lamp is fully configurable to offer soft lighting and a warm or cold color that adapts to the atmosphere of the place to highlight your face or the products you show. . An affordable and very useful tool to place right next to your camera.

Logitech Litra Glow, 69 euros.

The mic


Launching your video channel means knowing how to film yourself and also be heard, with a microphone that ensures you are audible and without being disturbed by probable ambient noise. Several brands are in this niche. Among them, HyperX offers the SoloCast. A model designed for simple use and excellent quality sound recording that focuses on your voice or a musical instrument, for example. Note that it is compatible with several different devices, PC, Mac, but also PS5 and PS4.

HyperX SoloCast, 89.95 euros.



For streamers who want to spend several hours on their channel, in particular to chat with their subscribers, the Epos brand offers the GSP 370. An elegant and above all comfortable wireless headset. It has a microphone if you don’t have one. The manufacturer guarantees “reliable, lag-free sound”, with up to 100 hours of playtime for one charge.

Epos, GSP 370 wireless, 199 euros.

The card for streaming


Streamer is not necessarily accessible to all computers. It is indeed necessary to equip oneself with adequate software, but also with an external acquisition card such as the Elgato HD60 S+. This tool allows live streaming and recording in 1080p at 60 frames per second or up to 4K at 60 frames per second with ultra-low latency. This card is compatible with PS5, PS4/Pro, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One X/S consoles in OBS, not to mention PCs and Macs. Note for gaming streamers, you will need to bet on a computer with at least 4 GB of RAM, an Intel i5 processor and a higher or equivalent GTX 10xx card from another brand, the risk being that your stream is not stable or even unplayable.

Elgato HD60 S+, 199,99 euros.

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