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Corona-infected Riiber was taken away in an ambulance

ZHANGJIAKOU (Aftenposten): Jarl Magnus Riiber has arrived at the quarantine hotel.

Jarl Magnus Riiber met the press on Friday at a video conference.

Jarl Magnus Riiber tested positive for the corona in the Olympics. And on Friday he got to know what it means – in practice.

When Riiber looked out of the window around 2.30 pm local time, an ambulance was standing outside.

Riiber was told to go down. There he was met by personnel covered by infection control equipment from head to toe.

Then he was transported for 20 minutes. With blue light on.

– It was a bit surreal. The car was full of chlorine. You notice that they have worked hard with regard to the infection in that car. You are transported around like a real contagion bomb, says Riiber in a video conversation with Norwegian journalists.

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Everything covered in chlorine

Riiber is now in an infection hotel in Shuanglong. He showed the press the room during the video call, and described it as “a completely normal hotel room”.

But outside it was anything but ordinary.

  • In the hallways outside, everything is covered in chlorine. You feel like you are walking through a swimming pool. So there are extreme measures until you get through the hotel door, says Riiber.

The combined runner says he was helped to arrange a bag of food and drink before leaving. He also hopes to get an exercise bike into the room.

Riiber is still asymptomatic. He says he should do what is possible by training as long as he is healthy. The goal is still to be able to participate in the Olympic exercises that take place on 15 and 17 February. But then he has to test negative before that.

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