Friday, May 20

United States: 22-year-old African-American killed by police in Minneapolis

Two years after the death of George Floyd, which had caused a stir in the United States, a new African-American was killed in Minneapolis by American police.

Amir Locke, 22, was shot dead Wednesday morning in a city apartment. Under pressure from the victim’s family, the video of the attack was made public. On the images broadcast, the police can be seen opening the door with a key, then entering and announcing their presence. They move slowly into the living room and see a man lying on the sofa. Armed, the latter recovers before being shot.

“Nearly nine seconds after entering, officers encountered a man with a pistol pointed in the direction of the officers,” authorities said in a statement. The Star Tribune revealed that the police raid was linked to a case in nearby St. Paul, in which Amir Locke was not involved.

“We will continue to push for answers in this case, so that the family of Amir, in mourning, can obtain a conclusion”, affirmed in a press release sent to AFP the famous lawyer Ben Crump, who notably defended the family of George Floyd.

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