Saturday, May 21

– You can not buy this dress. It is 60 years old.

She raided Grandma’s old suitcases and went to the castle dinner in the finest dress she could find.

Grandma is from Sandefjord. It must have been a city with many good dress shops in the 1960s and 70s, because she has so many beautiful prom dresses, and they are very well taken care of. I have raided her suitcases in the attic and taken some dresses home. Among other things, this one, which I wore during the Storting representatives’ dinner at the Palace in October last year.

“Where did you buy your dress?” I was asked. Then I had to answer that you can not buy this, it is 60 years old. In a way, Grandma was a little with me at the castle dinner. I think she thought it was amazing that I was wearing her dress. And I think it was fun to show it off, it was something completely different than wearing a completely ordinary, generic dress.

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