Saturday, May 21

In December, it was closed after a heated conflict. Join the “new” Tryvannsstua.

For Ove Jørgensen, the choice to take over Tryvannsstua was easy. But how easy is it to find people who want to dedicate their lives to Marka?

Eirik Leinan keeps the fire pit alive outside Tryvannsstua. He is “a helping family hand” who has traveled down to help the new management team get new life in Tryvannsstua.

You have not taken the trip to see how the new Tryvannsstua has become itself, no? Reading about it saves you at least a couple of degrees below zero. And manager Ove Jørgensen opens both front doors and kitchen doors for Aftenposten.

– This life suits us really perfectly, he says.

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