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Death of little Rayan: his dad reacts

Morocco mourns on Sunday the death of little Rayan, stuck for five days at the bottom of a well in a poor region in the north of the kingdom, a human drama amplified by social networks which has aroused an avalanche of emotions throughout the world.

Khaled Oram, Rayan’s dad, has spoken out following the death of his baby boy. “I want to thank the king and all the rescuers. I accept everything that Allah has given us“, he confided.

An autopsy?

No official information has filtered on a possible autopsy, but it is probably the cause of the delay in the funeral. According to Muslim tradition, funerals take place soon after death. According to unconfirmed information, the body of the 5-year-old boy was taken to the military hospital in Rabat.

Tributes around the world

The Moroccan Sunday press, in unison, paid a moving tribute to the little boy. “Tragic epilogue“, “Sadness and shock in Morocco“, “The fall of a child who reminded the world of the values ​​of humanity“, headlined the media.

Visibly moved, Pope Francis greeted “a whole (Moroccan) people who came together to save Rayan“, during the Angelus prayer celebrated in the Vatican.”They tried everything, unfortunately he did not survive. But what an example. Thank you to these people for this testimony“, reacted François.

A sign of the immense emotion caused by the tragedy, it was the royal cabinet which announced the death of the child on Saturday evening. King Mohammed VI himself called Rayan’s parents to offer his condolences to the parents, whose faces were broken.

The race against the clock conducted for five days by the rescuers had been followed live by countless Internet users. And as soon as the death was announced, tributes on social networks poured in from all over the world, from neighboring and rival Algeria to France or the United States, in all languages.

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