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Elizabeth II: Boris Johnson pays tribute to “his sense of duty”

On the occasion of the 70 years of reign of Queen Elizabeth II, this Sunday, February 6, Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, wanted to salute the unwavering dedication of the British sovereign.

Since her coronation, the 95-year-old Queen has known fourteen prime ministers, from World War Two leader Winston Churchill to current Conservative party leader Boris Johnson. On this day of celebrations for the United Kingdom, the latter deeply honored Elizabeth II and her seven decades of reign. A historic moment since the Queen becomes the first British monarch to celebrate a platinum jubilee.

In comments reported by the Guardian, the Prime Minister praised the Queen’s “sense of duty” and self-sacrifice to the nation, a true source of inspiration for the British people. “I pay tribute to his many years of service and look forward to the summer when we can come together as a country to celebrate his historic reign,” he also said on Twitter.

Earlier in the week, Boris Johnson called on MPs in the House of Commons to join him ‘in thanking Her Majesty for her tireless service’. “Although this is a time of national celebration, it will be a day of mixed emotions for Her Majesty, as this day also marks 70 years since the death of her beloved father, George VI,” he added.

The Prime Minister was not the only one to pay tribute to the sovereign. These praises join those of Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury and Primate of the Church of England. “The clearest moment for me, the absolute pinnacle, was when she sat alone at the funeral of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh,” the clergyman acknowledged while praising the character, the courage and leadership of Elizabeth II.

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