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Paris: the Hôtel de Seignelay, listed as a historical monument, ravaged by flames

Some 150 firefighters were mobilized, from 5.30 p.m. this Sunday, February 6, to put out a fire which ravaged the Hôtel de Seignelay, a private mansion classified as a historic monument, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, without causing any casualties, on the left bank .

Shortly after 10 p.m., the fire was “considered extinguished” at the Hôtel de Seignelay, a four-storey building currently under construction after having long housed ministries, said a spokesperson for the fire department, who finally assured this Monday morning that “no victims [n’était] to be deplored”.

Mis on sale more than 4 years ago by the State, the building was currently “under renovation”, after having been bought by the entrepreneur and businessman Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, known to be the founder of the sales site PriceMinister.

“At the last point of situation, the adjoining buildings had been well preserved”, including the Hôtel de Beauharnais, residence of the German ambassador since 1968, located at 78, rue de Lille (7th).

“There are only a few residual hearths left, and there, there is a lot of shoring, clearing work, to avoid any resumption of fire”, specified the spokesperson for the firefighters, who underlined that “9 lances were necessary to overcome them”.

A point of overheating in question?

Without waiting, “the central laboratory of the Prefecture of police” went on the spot to try to determine the origin of the fire. “The fact that the building is under construction naturally leads us to think of a point of overheating, but it is absolutely impossible to know at this stage”, explained Captain Julien Hardy, the communication officer of the important device of the firefighters at the Parisian.

Quickly, Internet users relayed videos on social networks showing the extent of the disaster. And if the firefighters continued to water the site at the end of the evening this Sunday, the flames were almost no longer visible during the night. While waiting for the fire to be perfectly circumscribed, the district had been cordoned off, as far as the quai de la Seine.

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