Monday, May 16

Nordahl Lelandais: the 2nd week of the trial opens with the testimony of Maëlys’ parents

The trial of Nordahl Lelandais opened a week ago, and many witnesses have already testified at the bar. This Monday, the parents and the sister of Maëlys must in turn give their testimony, and the next days of hearing will be devoted to the facts, namely the kidnapping and the murder of Maëlys.

Before they speak, the debates must however continue around the second sexual assault of which Nordahl Lelandais is accused, on one of his cousins, aged 6, and which would have occurred a week before the disappearance of Maëlys.

Last Friday, the former dog handler also admitted having stroked the sex of a second little cousin, 4 years old this time, in her sleep. However, he once again denied any sexual assault of little Maëlys De Araujo.

The parents of the 8-year-old girl, who disappeared on August 27, 2017, must in turn testify at the bar in the afternoon. All the rest of the trial week will be devoted to the facts, retracing the sequence of events that occurred in Pont-de-Beauvoisin on August 27 and 28. In particular, witnesses present at the wedding ceremony during which Maëlys was kidnapped by Nordahl Lelandais will be heard.

Lelandais questioned on the death of Maëlys at the end of the week

Toxicological experts and forensic pathologists will also be heard. At the end of the week, it will be the accused’s turn to answer questions about Maëlys’ death. A long-awaited interrogation, which will allow, if Nordahl Lelandais speaks, to know the reasons and circumstances of the kidnapping and death of the little girl. The verdict is expected on February 18.

The first week of hearing was devoted to the personality of Nordahl Lelandais. The first day of the trial was marked in particular by the apologies he made to the civil party, and admitted having “killed” the 8-year-old child.

If several of his former friends and companions described him as a “helpful”, “funny”, “welcoming” person, the trial also brought to light the dark sides of Nordahl Lelandais: addiction to cocaine, pornography, sexual attraction to young girls, tantrums… So many revelations that could jeopardize his defense, while he risks life imprisonment with a 22-year security sentence.

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