Thursday, June 30

Legislative 2022: candidate-baker Stéphane Ravacley beaten in the Doubs

Candidate in the 2nd district of Doubs, the baker Stéphane Ravacley (Nupes-EELV) lost during the second round of the legislative elections.

Atypical candidate of the 2nd district of Doubs, the baker of Besançon, Stéphane Ravacley, will not ultimately take his “shoes full of flour” to the National Assembly. Arrived in first position (32.51%) during the first round, the candidate invested by Nupes under the colors of EELV was beaten this Sunday, June 19.

The voters preferred Eric Alauzet, outgoing deputy of the presidential majority, who won 52.26% of the vote. The latter will thus sit in the National Assembly for a third term as deputy for Doubs.

Stéphane Ravacley made himself known last year by going on a ten-day hunger strike to obtain the regularization of his Guinean apprentice.

Last March, he also organized a spectacular humanitarian convoy for Ukraine. With the help of volunteers, he had collected 120 tons of equipment and foodstuffs, distributed in 24 trucks bound for the border between Poland and Ukraine.

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