Thursday, June 30

Legislative 2022. Elisabeth Borne wins in the 6th district of Calvados

Elisabeth Borne can breathe. At the end of a national and local campaign, the Prime Minister was elected this Sunday in the 6th constituency of Calvados by collecting 52.46% of the votes against the candidate of the New popular ecological and social union (Nupes), Noé Gauchard. … and will therefore keep its seat in Matignon.

Otherwise, like the 14 other members of the government involved in these legislative elections, she would have been forced to resign and leave the executive. The presidential majority had indeed indicated that it would comply with this tradition put in place since Nicolas Sarkozy came to power in 2007.

The suspense was actually minimal when reading the results of the first round, the previous week. Elisabeth Borne came out on top by nearly ten points, winning 34.32% of the vote against 24.53% for Noé Gauchard. In particular, she probably benefited from the carryover of votes from the voters of Lynda Lahalle, the Divers right candidate, eliminated in the first round with 7.23% of the votes cast.

A well-established MP

Macronie also initially took little risk by presenting the Prime Minister in this constituency, where the outgoing LREM deputy Alain Tourret – who did not stand for re-election this time – was re-elected in 2017 with 68.34% of the vote. In the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron also exceeded 30% in the first round, although the Head of State obtained in the second round a result slightly below his national score (56.92% against 58.55 % over the whole of France).

If the head of government was parachuted into her constituency to win her very first election, her seat will in fact be occupied by her deputy, who is well established in the territory, Freddy Sertin. The electoral campaign which is ending was also the first of this one, involved since last January in the Horizons movement of Edouard Philippe.

First round results

Elisabeth Borne – Together! : 34.32%
Noé Gauchard – Nudes: 24.52%
Jean-Philippe Roy – National Rally: 21.74%
Lynda Lahalle – Various right: 7.23%
Valérie Dupont – Reconquest! : 2.8%
Mickaël Guettier – Sovereign right: 2.48%
Anne-Lyse Mbelo – Miscellaneous left: 1.85%
François Ormain – Miscellaneous center: 1.51%
Bruno Battail – Ecologists: 1.4%
Pascale Georget – Miscellaneous extreme left: 1.14%
Jemâa Saad – Miscellaneous left: 1.01%

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